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Write a program to subtract two 8-bit numbers in 8085 simulator

Aim: 8085 Basic Program on simulator.
i. Write a program to add two 8-bit numbers.

Requirements: 8085 Simulator

Learning Objectives: Use of 8085 simulator to perform basic assembly programs.

Outline of the Procedure:

1. Open simulator on your laptop.
2. Write the given code.
3. Save the file.
4. Assemble the code and check error, if error remove it and again assemble it.
5. Execute the code and verify the results.

Address               Machine Code          Label Mnemonics Operands Comments
2000                21             LXI H,3000h
2001                00
2002                30
2003                7E             MOV A,M
2004                23             INX H
2005                96             SUB M
2006                23             INX H
2007                77             MOV M,A
2008                EF             RST5

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