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Term paper on black hole


Words are seldom found insufficient to express one’s own heart sentiments.

      Yet, I take this opportunity to express my deep sense of gratitude and profound regards to everybody who helped me throughout the project. It is my proud privilege to acknowledge with a sense of deep gratitude for the valuable guidance, able supervision, constructive criticism and inspiration rendered to me by most esteemed Mr. Bharpur Singh, who poured over every inch of the manuscript with pain stacking attention to detail and made a semi –infinite number of helpful suggestion.

           I am grateful to all my teacher who teach me perfectly and gave the knowledge and rise in me all quality which were highly required during my term paper.

            I am highly proud to have so helpful and kind parents who gave me full time and guidance to help me complete my term paper.

           I also pay my thanks to all my friends who guided me in right way to complete my term paper.  nce books of physics. I am thanking to my teacher Mr.Singh sir who help me in this project.





             By physical properties

             By mass





Formation and evolution

            Gravitational collapse

            High energy collisions



What is a black hole?

How do black holes form?

What happens when you fall into a black hole?

If black holes are black, how can we find them?

Are all black holes really black?

How do black holes affect things near them?

Can black holes be used to travel through spacetime?

What can we learn from black holes?

Where are black holes located?


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