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To study the specification and working of LCD TV.

OBJECT: - To study the specification and working of LCD TV.

APPARATUS:-LCD Driving IC,LCD Panel,Rectifier,Inverter,Backlight lamp,source driven IC,Gate driven IC.

THEORY:- A liquid crystal display or LCD draws its definition from its name itself. It is combination of two states of matter, the solid and the liquid. LCD uses a liquid crystal to produce a visible image. Liquid crystal displays are super-thin technology display screen that are generally used in laptop computer screen, TVs, cell phones and portable video games. LCD’s technologies allow displays to be much thinner when compared to cathode ray tube (CRT) technology. Liquid crystal display is composed of several layers which include two polarized panel filters and electrodes. LCD technology is used for displaying the image in notebook or some other electronic devices like mini computers. Light is projected from a lens on a layer of liquid crystal. This combination of coloured light with the gray scale image of the crystal (formed as electric current flows through the crystal) forms the coloured image. This image is then displayed on the screen.

To study the specifications and working of a DVD player.

OBJECT: To study the specifications and working of a DVD player.


This section of the manual will introduce you about how to operate a DVD player trainer. Different control provided on a typical DVD player trainer is also discussed. Various control provided on a remote control provided with the DVD player trainer also explained in this experiment. Inter connection audio (L) to Red sockets audio to while socket & video to yellow socket by 2mm patch cards.


  1. Connecting DVD player trainer to a television receiver
  2. Before connecting DVD player trainer to television receiver make surethat the power supply to the DVD player trainer and The Television receiver is switched off.
  3. To connect a typical DVD player trainer to the television Receiver audio / video output or RF output or provided to the DVD player trainer is used.
  4. Connective DVD player trainer and TV Receiver using A/V connection.

To design and test switch mode power supply using ICs 78XX .

OBJECT: To design and test switch mode power supply using ICs.

Apparatus required: Transformer, diodes, capacitor, resistor, 7805 IC.


A switch mode power supply is a circuit that supplies a constant voltage regard of charges in load current. Although voltage regulator can be designed using op-amps, it is quicker and easier to use IC switch mode power supply. Furthermore, IC switch mode power supply are versatile & relativity inexpensive.

Switch mode power supply are commonly used for on – card power supply & laboratory- type power supplies. Almost all power supplies use  some type of switch mode power supply IC because switch mode power supply are simple to use, reliable, low in cost and above,all available in a variety of voltage & current rating.Positive switch mode power supply series with screw voltage options:-

The 7800/78Xxseries consist of terminal positive switch mode power supply with seven voltage option these ICs are designed as fixed switch mode power supply.A switch mode circuit is an indispensable, part of the power supply section of any electronics system. The contemporary regulator circuits are almost exclusively based on one or more than one IC’s known as IC switch mode power supply. IC switch mode power supply are available commercially in a variety of voltage, current and regulationSpecific to meet designers need. The IC switch mode being covered include the adjustable output precision switch mode type 723,the three terminal fixed output voltage positive and negative switch mode and the three terminal adjustable output voltage and negative switch mode.

To fabricate PCB and testing of electronics circuit on PCB.

OBJECT  To fabricate  PCB and testing of electronics circuit on PCB.

Apparatus required :-Base material cutting machine, Soldering machine,driller,UV light source.

Theory:  PCB Manufacturing steps

Following are the steps involved in fabrication of  PCB.

•  Base material cutting

•  Drilling

•  Through hole plating

•  Layer film generation

•  Solder resist film generation

•  Legend printing film (optional)

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